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What started as a weekend project has now graduated to a full-fledged app, complete with an interactive animated tutorial!



Version 1.3 is coming along, and should be out in a few weeks.  My change list now looks like:

  • Quickly stop rotation by holding a touch still.
  • The option to display shapes as solid figures.
  • The option to draw shapes as a wireframe, but without back faces visible.
  • Add a gesture to enter ‘full-screen’ mode and hide all controls.
  • Add instructions page describing multitouch controls and gestures.

So, what’s next?  I’m prototyping a companion app for geodesic dome designers and model builders which outputs strut lengths, angles and proportions.

2 thoughts on “Geodesic 1.2 On the App Store

  1. William Jane

    Hi there,

    Really like the app, the rotation is very smooth and the shapes are beautifully rendered. I am looking to build something with some similar functionality, did you make this as a native app with xcode or have you used something like Unity. I am also very interested in how you go about creating these geometries, using an obj or creating them all using pure maths and formulas.

    Any help you can give is really appreciated


    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the checking out my app. I made this as a native app using XCode. As to the geometry, I started with models for the 5 platonic solids. Wikipedia has formulas for the proper dimensions of each. The different triangulations and duals are all computed on-the-fly. I’ll try to write a post about it one of these days…


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